How to Report Incidents

Emergencies -
If on-site:  dial 9+911 from any Campus or Medical Center telephone
If off-site or on a non-Campus telephone:  dial 911 to reach local Police, Fire, or EMS

When reporting emergency information to Security Services or UCPD or local Police or Fire, provide the following critical information to the best of your ability:

  • Your exact location or the location where the incident occurred
  • Your name and call-back number, in case the call is disconnected
  • A factual explanation of events
  • Time when the incident occurred
  • Description of person(s) involved
  • Weapons observed, if any

Types of Incidents -
Assault against Health Care Workers
If you are a Medical Center employee assaulted by a patient, visitor, or another staff member while at work, immediately contact Security Services or UCPD and provide all critical information as outlined above.  If injuries occur, please seek medical care at your nearest UCSF Medical Center Emergency Department or Occupational Health Services clinic.  File an incident report in RL Solutions.

Disruptive Behavior
When patients or visitors become verbally or physically disruptive or combative, report a hospital Code Gray to Security Services at 415.885.7890.

Illegal Activities
Any suspected illegal activity must be reported to Security or UCPD.  Security or UCPD will determine any subsequent actions after contacting the subjects or persons.

Suspicious Behavior/Package
"See something, say something."  Suspicious behavior or suspicious activity must be reported to Security or UCPD.  ALWAYS REPORT SUSPICIOUS BEHAVIOR OR ACTIVITY.  If you locate an unattended package, contact Security or UCPD and give the location and description of the package.  Security or UCPD will dispatch an officer to the location, determine if your concerns are valid, and instigate subsequent actions.

Robberies and Thefts
If a robbery is in progress, immediately contact UCPD and provide the following information as a witness when safe to do so:

  • Your exact location or the location of the incident
  • Your name and call-back number, in case the call gets disconnected
  • Factual explanation of the event
  • Time the incident occured
  • Did the the subject use force with their hands or body?
  • Did the subject have a weapon?
  • Did the subject leave the area?  By what means?  On foot or in a vehicle?
  • If a weapon was used, describe the weapon and the subject

If you believe your personal or hospital propery has been taken without permission, contact Security or UCPD and provide the following information:

  • Location of the theft
  • What time did you last see the property?
  • What time did you return to the area where the property was located?
  • What was taken and the amount/value of the property?

If your property is vandalized, call Security or UCPD and give the location of the vandalized property as well as the time that you believe this may have occurred.  You may be required to file a police report

If your vehicle is involved in a collision and you sustain injuries, call Security or UCPD; they will contact EMS to respond if needed.  All parties may be subject to a police report based on the findings at the scene.  If all parties agree that no injuries were sustained, you may exchange insurance information and contact your carrier.  If the other party refuses to exchange insurance information, contact Security or UCPD for assistance.

Special Situations
Security and UCPD are accustomed to dealing with special requests.  Contact the non-emergency numbers (Security: 415.885.7890; UCPD: 415.476.1414) and explain the nature of the request.  You will be advised if your request can be accommodated based on existing protocols.

Security Escorts
Escort services after business hours and for evening appointments may be requested by contacting Security Services at 415.885.7890.  Wheelchairs are also available upon request.




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