EoC Safety Rounds/EoC Manual

Environment of Care (EoC) Safety Rounds are conducted every six months in all patient-care areas, and every twelve months in areas that directly support patient care.  Safety Rounds are performed to ensure that UCSF Health meets regulatory codes and requirements.  They are conducted by a smalll core group using INSPECT.  This new inspection tool is a product of UCSF's collaboration with UCOP's Risk and Safety Solutions and our sister UC hospitals to develop a mobile application that provides streamlined inspections with customized checklists and a flexible workflow.  During rounds, members of the safety-round team walk through the unit to observe processes and engage staff to assess their general knowledge of established safety protocols.  Upon completion, the unit manager receives an email with a link to INSPECT to view the results of the unit's safety round.  The manager is then able to document a corrective action plan directly in INSPECT.  Below is a list of resources that may help illustrate the safety-round process using INSPECT.

One of the items that is reviewed during the rounds is the Environment of Care (EoC) Manual.  Departments are not required to keep copies of the EoC policies in their manuals but it is important for every employee to review and become familiar with these guidelines, which may be accessed through the link below.  The manual however must contain copies of unit-specific Plans and the unit's safety assessment survey.  These documents must be placed behind the appropriate tabs and made available for inspection during safety rounds.  The plans and the survey must be reviewed and/or updated once every twelve months and so noted on the copies that are included in the manual.  Plan templates and the assessment survey may be accessed through the links below.  The Safety Office has a supply of pre-printed tabs for your EoC Manual; submit your request to [email protected] or through Service Now (MCSS).




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