How to Request an Ergonomic Evaluation


UCSF Health’s Ergonomics Department conducts workstation ergonomic evaluations to help educate employees on ergonomic principles and ways to improve their workstation setup.  For an in-person ergonomic evaluation to be scheduled, each employee must first complete and submit an ergonomic evaluation request (EER) form.

IMPORTANT UPDATE FOR PCMB STAFF: Ergonomics will be onsite to meet with all employees relocating to PCMB.  Do not submit individual evaluation requests at this time.  Please report and discuss any concerns with your supervisor.

Computer Workstation Users

We highly recommend that all computer users complete the Office Ergonomics Self-Evaluation module in the UC Learning website:  (type "office ergonomics" in the search field and select the Medical Center module).  The training takes approximately 20-25 minutes to complete.  Here you will learn essential ergonomic principles including tips on how to self-adjust your workstation.

Non-Computer Workstation Users

Industrial Assessments for non-patient related body mechanics and material handling tasks are available; please submit an ergonomic evaluation request (EER) form outlining the details of your request.


Still have questions or require immediate attention:  Contact our Ergo Hotline at 415.885.7641 or email us at [email protected].





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