Safe Distancing Resources


Safety Tip Sheet: Safe and Physical Distancing (May 2020) 

Safe and Physical Assesment (INSPECT) Checklist 

Signs and Clings:

A.  UCSF Maximum Occupancy cling - posted after safety assessment.  The assigned number is based on calculation using room square footage and taking into consideration how best to achieve 6' distancing based on how the room is used.  Clings are proactively deployed by Facilities with number of occupants determined by the Safety Office.  The Safety Office will always consider the more conservative (lower) number of occupants.  Email [email protected] with your justification if you want the Safety Office to consider a different occupancy number from what is originally assigned.

B.  UCSF Health Universal Mask Policy - [Medical Center] posted at entry points of UCSF-owned buildings and department(s) within leased properties.  These signs are proactively deployed by Patient Relations.

C.  UCSF Physical Distancing Protocol  - [Medical Center and Campus] posted at entry points of UCSF-owned buildings and departments within leased properties.  These signs are proactively deployed by Facilities.

D.  UCSF floor cling  - teal colored, circular floor clings promoting safe distancing, posted at elevator areas, building main lobby entrances, and up to the front desk of a clinic.  These clings are proactively deployed by Facilities.

E.  UCSF furniture cling - teal colored, circular furniture clings promoting safe distancing and instructing individuals to select an alternate seat; posted in waiting rooms and in communal areas such as conference rooms, break rooms, and work areas.  These clings are deployed through clinical operations leadership.

F.  UCSF table-top tent - foldable table-top tent promoting safe distancing and recommended maximum number of individuals who may sit at a table, and reminders to maintain 6' apart and to wipe down areas before and after eating.


After August 1, 2020, NEW requests for signs and clings must be filed as a Safety Assessment ticket through the MCSS Help Desk (Service Now) under the Safety Office menu.  REPLACEMENTS for worn-out signs and clings may be ordered through the MCSS Help Desk (Service Now) under Signs and Wayfinding.  Include sign type, quantity needed, and box number for inter-campus mail delivery.

If you have additional questions or require further assistance, please contact the Safety Office at [email protected].




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