Safe-Distancing Resources

Staff Break Rooms/Staff Team Lounges

UCSF Health has not relaxed masking and safe-distancing guidance for staff-only break rooms and team lounges where masks are removed to consume food or drink.  Review the Safe and Physical Distance Guidelines for Staff Break Rooms/Team Lounges for the required signs and clings in break rooms and team lounges.  To order new or replacement signs and/or clings for these areas, go to MCSS Service Now and request a safety assessment under the Safety Office menu with the location(s) of the break room and/or team lounge.  Here are the designated overflow staff break rooms at Parnassus and at Mission Bay.  These room lists are dynamic as room usage is returned to pre-pandemic purpose.

Signs and Clings

As UCSF Health focuses on re-opening strategies, many of the previously deployed signs and clings are no longer applicable.  At entrance lobbies of the hospitals, visual cues including floor dots for queues and furniture clings in waiting areas, are being refreshed through April 2022.  Starting May 1, replacement signs at units may be requested through Signs and Wayfinding using MCSS Service Now.

A.   UCSF Health Universal Mask Policy - [Medical Center] posted at entry points of UCSF-owned buildings and department(s) within leased properties.  
       Masking Requirements - Staff, Employees, Vendors (BCH Only)
       Masking Requirements - Patients and Visitors (BCH Only)
       Masking Requirements - Staff, Employees, Vendors
       Masking Requirements - Patients and Visitors

B.  Mask Posters - these are optional and not required for program compliance.  You may download, print, and post at locations where visible cues are needed. 
      Mask Poster 1                        Mask Poster 2                         Mask Poster 3               

C.  Mask Posters with Masking Guidelines - installed through clinical leadership primarily at patient-care settings.  These are visual reminders for patients, families, and visitors to wear masks within UCSF Health property.  You may download, print, and post at locations where visible cues are needed.
     Mask Poster for Patients in Rooms                   
     Mask Poster for Patients and Caregivers (Adult Patient Rooms)               
     Mask Poster for Patients and Caregivers (Children Patient Rooms)
     Mask Poster for Visitors

D.  Top Requirements for Your Health and Safety at Work - print and post only at communal staff areas NOT visible to the public, limited to break, charting, conference, and team rooms.  Order cling versions of this poster through the MCSS Help Desk (Service Now) under Signs and Wayfinding.

E.  Occupational Health Services launched an awareness campaign that is focused on the importance of daily screening when staff and learners return onsite, and access to free COVID-19 testing for everyone who is part of the UCSF community.
      You Can Stop the Spread of COVID-19 at Work (Screening poster) 
      - use in areas where staff, residents, fellows, students, and vendors need to be reminded to complete their daily health screen
      You Can Stop the Spread of COVID-19 (Testing poster)
      - use in communal staff areas including staff break-rooms, team work rooms, and charting rooms
Facilities has already completed deployment of these posters but if you identify a building lobby or staff break room in need of a sign, please open a ticket through MCSS Help Desk (Service Now) under Signs and Wayfinding.

F.  San Francisco Department of Public Health Posters
      Get Vaccinated! - placed in staff break rooms and team lounges across UCSF Health buildings
      UCSF Is Ready To Go - placed in building entrances across UCSF Health

G.  Masks Required in Elevators - placed in elevators of UCSF parking garages and buildings owned by UCSF that are occupied by both campus and health departments; limitations to posting in buildings not owned by UCSF such as leasehold or off-site locations.




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