Ergonomics: Why Wellness Matters

The Ergonomics Department supports employees in building healthy lifestyles by establishing programs, practices and resources within the workplace that focus on safety, ergonomics and well-being.  Personal factors such as fitness, stress, sleep, diet, health and safe work practices all have an important impact on injury prevention. Our goal is to promote healthy lifestyles both work and home to help keep staff and their families safe and well.

UCSF Daily Stretches

Stretching before, during, or after your work shift can prepare your body for the physical demands of your job. UCSF offers a “Daily Stretching Exercises” poster that you can use in your office:


Campus Life Services

UCSF’s Campus Life Services offers numerous wellness resources for employees such as on-site fitness and recreation memberships, UC walks day, and Living Well challenges (Step It Up, WalkFit, etc.).


UC Health Plan Resources

Your medical health plan offers wellness resources at no cost to members!  Contact your health plan and see what resources they have available for you.





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