Respiratory Protection


Cal-OSHA Title 8 Section 5199 (known as the Aerosol Transmissible Disease Standard) requires all employees who may need to wear respirators as part of their job functions be fit-tested initially and within twelve months of their last fit-test on each type of respirator they may be required to wear.  The Medical Center Safety Office has coordinated with Campus EH&S to help staff meet this requirement.

Any employee who cannot wear a respirator will be trained to use a Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR).  PAPRs can be obtained from Materials Management and are stocked on airborne isolation carts deployed for use when there are patients under airborne precautions.



Internal Resources and Guidelines

External Resources: PAPR/CAPR Training Videos (Maxair)

Section 1 - Introduction (2:21; 02.11.2016)

Section 2 - Assembly and Disassembly (4:22; 02.11.2016)
                    (Note: PAPR/CAPR helmets are assembled by Materiel Services prior to deployment

Section 3 - Donning and Doffing (7:37; 02.11.2016)

Section 4 - Disinfection, cleaning, maintenance, battery charging, storage (2:46; 07.29.2016)


Requesting Fit-Tests and Respirator (including PAPR) Training Services





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