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Environment of Care Manual
Every UCSF Health unit or department must have an Environment of Care (EC) Manual.  This manual contains information and resources on how to work safely at UCSF Health including but not limited to policies and training requirements.  Every employee is expected to be familiar with the contents of the EC manual and must adhere to safety principles while on the job to ensure their safety as well as the safety of those around them.  EC Manual contents may be requested through Service Now (MCSS); include your box number to facilitate shipment.

 Rainbow Chart
The Emergency Conditions and Basic Staff Response guide, also known as the Rainbow Chart, is a resource for staff to respond to an incident or event at any Medical Center location.  It must be conspicously posted in every unit.  The Safety Office strongly recommends that managers and supervisors routinely review this guide with staff.  If you need updated inserts for your Rainbow Chart, please submit your request through Service Now (MCSS); include your box number to facilitate shipment.  For managers in off-site clinics, please print this special one-page supplement, include your specific location information, and place in an empty sleeve of your Rainbow Chart.

Safety Card
The Safety Card lists the different emergency codes employed at the Medical Center and the appropriate response for each code.  It also lists various telephone numbers for emergencies and unusual events.  The Safety Card is designed to be worn with your UCSF badge for easy reference during any emergent event.  Please make time to become familiar with its contents.  You may submit requests for additional cards through Service Now (MCSS).   Please include the required quantity and your box number to facilitate shipment.

Service Now (MCSS)
This online link allows you to submit requests for Safety services that you or your department may require.  This tip sheet will guide you on how to submit requests for available services. 

Incident Report
An incident is any occurrence that is not consistent with routine operations at UCSF Health that may result or results in injury, harms, or loss to any employee, patient, visitor, student, or volunteer.  The purpose of an Incident Report is to provide detailed information regarding any adverse or unusual event or injury that occurs at UCSF Health.

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