Injury & Illness Prevention

The Injury and Illness Prevention Program of UCSF Health ensures a safe, comfortable, and injury-free work environment for all employees.  The program is aligned with the requirements of the California Code of Regulations, Title 8, §3203.

One the of fundamental tenets of the program is to support the right of every employee to a safe and healthful workplace.  The program outlines the responsibilities, implementation, and program elements with the following goals:

  • protect the health and safety of employees by providing the knowledge and awareness necessary to remain safe throughout the course of their daily work activities
  • reduce Workers' Compensation claims
  • reduce the time spent to replace or reassign injured workers
  • minimize the potential for code-violation penalties from regulatory agencies

The Safety Office, Occupational Health Services, and Campus EH&S are dedicated to promoting employee safety through the following injury prevention and ergonomic services:

  • customized departmental and hospital-wide injury prevention training
  • ergonomic assessments and education to reduce risk of repetitive stress injuries
  • hazard assessments to determine risk levels of job tasks
  • safe and effective equipment and workspace design recommendations
  • availability of statistical injury data and develop recommendations to reduce losses
  • investigation of accidents and near misses and develop recommendations to prevent recurrence
  • assistance in the development of safe policies and procedures in compliance with regulatory agencies and management best practices






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