Fire & Life Safety


The Fire and Life Safety Program operates under the UCSF Campus Office of Environment Health and Safety (EH&S).  It is responsible for providing fire and life safety services to all Medical Center locations at Mission Bay, Parnassus, and Mt. Zion as well as all off-site locations under UCSF Health.  The program's primary goal is to ensure the safety of staff, patients, and visitors by providing the following services:

  • Interpretation and application of fire and life safety codes, laws, and regulations
  • Assistance during hospital accreditation and regulatory surveys
  • Consultation and oversight of construction activities, including interim life-safety measures and review of Fire Life Safety floor plans
  • Management of the Fire Life Safety Policy
  • Administration of all fire-life safety activities including fire drills, safety rounds, and all fire-safety training including fire prevention in oxygen-enriched areas
  • Investigation and documentation of fire and emergency incidents
  • Serves as liaison with the local Fire Departments and other regulatory agencies
  • Deployment of the EH&S Emergency Response Team for chemical, biological, or radioactive spills




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