How do I Print my DEAP?

  1. Go to:
  • If you’re not logged into MyAccess, you will see this screen:
  • Click the "Sign in with your company account" field.
  • Login to MyAccess.

2. You will see the “DEAP Submitter View” screen. All Department Emergency Action Plans that are assigned to you will appear on this screen. 

3. Click the Department Emergency Action Plan you would like to review. The Details box will appear.
You will be able to review and update all fields in your DEAP in the Details box.

4. Click the Attachments tab.

5. Click the PDF file to download it. Pay attention to the date and time of the PDF. Anytime you make any changes to your DEAP in the Data tab, this PDF will automatically be updated, but the workflow may take a few minutes to an hour to update this PDF. Please also download your Emergency Assembly Map, Personnel Roster, and if available/applicable, your Evacuation Map and Smoke Compartment Map.

6. Please ensure your Environment of Care binder or Emergency binder is updated with your latest DEAP copy with attachments. Also, please plan to discuss your DEAP at a future staff huddle or meeting.





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