UCSF Red Emergency Telephone Directory

What is it?

What should I do?

Red emergency phones utilize a Centrex service, which enables users to make phone calls independent of the UCSF network or power.

  • Ensure your red emergency phone is operational. Participate in the monthly red phone drill at 11 am on the first Tuesday of every month.
  • Validate your red emergency phone has the latest directory. To get the latest directory, go here (You must be logged in via MyAccess).
  • Open an IT Service Desk ticket at http://help.ucsf.edu if there are issues, such as:
    • Problem with making an internal call to another department
    • Issue with making an external call
    • If the ringer is not working
    • If you hear static on the line
  • Ensure your staff is aware of this resource.
  • Add your red emergency phone to your Department Emergency Action Plan.




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