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A variety of checklists were developed to meet various accreditation and regulatory standards.  As best practice, we recommend that unit leadership print and use any or all these checklists for self-audits to identify hazards and improve survey readiness.

INSPECT Tutorials

Safety-Round Process (Video produced by UC Davis

UCSF Health EoC Safety Rounds (PowerPoint Presentation)

Inspect Tutorial for Managers/Responsible Persons (Video)

Inspect Tutorial for Managers/Responsible Persons (Pdf)

Resolving Findings/Deficiencies in Inspect (Pdf)


Clinic On-Boarding Form

This form is intended for new clinics, clinics that move to new locations, or clinics that are undergoing renovations and/or expansions.  The information that you provide will assist in determining your clinic's environment-of-care support needs including but not limited to safety assessments, pre-licensing/pre-opening site walks and rounds, and other appropirate safety resources.  



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