Environment of Care Rounds

Surveillance rounds are conducted using INSPECT, an inspection tool developed by University of California - Office of the President (UCOP) Risk and Safety Solutions (RSS) to meet UCSF Health's need for a streamlined inspection process with a flexible workflow using customized checklists.  The safety-round team uses INSPECT on their mobile devices as they walk through units observing processes, engaging staff to assess their general knowledge of established safety protocols, and providing assistance to escalate unit concerns when necessary.  As soon as the checklist is complete and submitted, the unit's designated responsible person(s) (RP) receive(s) an email with a link to view results.  Responsible persons are expected to discuss non-compliant findings with staff.  (Prior to the unit's scheduled rounds, responsible persons are encouraged to review their last inspection report to ensure that previous deficiencies have been appropriately resolved.)  Corrective actions are documented directly in INSPECT.  Below is a list of resources that may help illustrate the safety-round process using INSPECT.

Environment of Care Manual, Plan Templates, Safety Assessment Survey

All units/departments at UCSF Health are required to have an Environment of Care (EC) Manual that is readily available to every member of the staff. During the rounds, the safety-round team will confirm that units/departments have their EC manuals accessible.  In addition to updated inserts, the manual must also contain the most current versions of unit-specific plans and the unit's safety assessment survey.  These documents must be placed behind the appropriate tabs and made available for inspection during safety rounds.  The plans and the survey must be reviewed and/or updated once every twelve months and so noted on the copies that are included in the manual.  Departments are not required to keep copies of the EC policies in the manuals but it is important that every unit staff know where and how to access policies when necessary.  Plan templates and the assessment survey may be accessed through the links below.  Manual inserts may be requested from the Safety Office through Service Now (MCSS).    




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