Minimal Lift Equipment

Minimal lift equipment (MLE) is a key component of the Safe Patient Handling and Mobility Program at UCSF Health. 

Inpatient Areas of UCSF Health:

Each inpatient unit has a variety of minimal lift equipment based on the patient care tasks performed and level of dependency of the patient's on that unit.  All inpatient units have air-assisted friction reduction devices (HoverMatts with pump), non-powered sit to stand aids (Sara STEDY), powered sit to stand devices (Sara 3000 or Sara Plus), portable vertical lift equipment (Maxi-Move or Golvo).  All units have access to floor recovery devices (HoverJacks). 

UCSF Health has prioritized the clinical needs of ceiling lifts throughout the inpatient areas.  The goal of 100% of the adult ICU beds having ceiling lifts by the end of 2018 at Parnassus, and work is in progress for the installation of these devices.  As units at Parnassus are remodeled, ceiling lifts are being added.  At Mission Bay, 100% of our adult ICU beds have ceiling lifts and there are ceiling lift spread throughout the pediatric and adult inpatient areas.  

Outpatient Areas of UCSF Health:

Many of our outpatient areas have portable vertical lifts and non-powered sit-to-stand devices to assist our patients and staff with patient mobility tasks. 

Immediate access to the MLE is critical.  Every MLE in our inpatient areas is tagged with a location device (Awarepoint) so that it can be immediately located anywhere in the hospital.


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