Reporting an Incident of Workplace Violence


When an incident of violence occurs at the medical center, ambulatory care clinic, or offsite location, staff should: 

  1. Seek safety and immediately notify UCSF PD by calling 911 
  2. Immediately notify your supervisor or manager about the situation
  3. Receive medical care at your closest Emergency Department or at Occupational Health Services
  4. File an incident report via RL Datix.

All incidents of workplace violence that occured within the medical center must be reported via RL Datix, UCSF Health's Incident Reporting System.  A report filed in RL Datix however is not a police report.  Employees must contact UCPD to file a police report or to request emergency assistance.  UCSF will take all actions to assist the employee in reporting any incident of workplace violence.  UCSF will not take any punitive or retaliatory action against an employee seeking assistance from local emergency services or law enforcement when a violent incident occurs.  All incident reports submitted in RL Datix are automatically forwarded to the appropriate managers and offices for follow up.

What to do in an emergency

  • Get yourself and others to safety as quickly as possible
  • Call 911 for emergency assistance
  • If you cannot stay on the line, keep it open as long as possible until the police arrive
  • Provide police as much detail as possible; the more information the police receive, the better they are able to respond




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