UCSF Health CPI Training Program



UCSF Health's CPI Training Program provide effective strategies and techniques for health care professionals at all levels of care, from doctors, to nurses, PCA/PCT's and Support Services staff. These strategies and techniques focus on the care, welfare, safety, and security of staff and the patients in their care with evidence-based de-escalation and crisis prevention approaches.There are currently three CPI offerings available through UC Learning:


These two courses are designed to be taken in sequence:

CPI 01:  Non-Violent Crisis Intervention 3rd Edition: Trauma - Healthcare (Online Module)

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention 2nd Edition: Trauma – Healthcare CPI02 & CPI 03 In-Person Class


This CPI option is for staff who have already taken CPI through UCSF Health and are seeking annual recertification:

CPI Refresher - Nonviolent Crisis Intervention 2nd Edition: Trauma – Healthcare In-Person Training







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