IH Resources

UC Learning Center: to access the following training modules

  • Medical Center Annual Safety Training (MCAST)
  • Lab Safety for Researchers (LSR)
  • Carcinogen Training
  • Liquid Nitrogen/Cryogenic Material
  • Compressed Medical Gas
  • Emergency Eyewash and Safety Shower Training (Video)
  • How to Wear a Powered Air Purifying Respirator - PAPR (Video)

To request services related to the Industrial Hygiene Program listed on this website, or to report indoor air quality concerns, go to Service Now (MCSS) and select any of the following under the Safety Menu:

  • Indoor Air Quality to report nuisance odors and other air quality concerns
  • Safety Assessments to request assessment of potential hazards encountered as part of daily job duties
  • Safety Concerns to report conditions that may be considered unsafe
  • Respirator-Fit Testing to request assistance with individual or group fit-testing needs, or respirator training
  • Other to request environmental monitoring (limited to authorized Infection Control Practitioners, compliance officers, and construction project managers) and occupational exposure monitoring






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