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Manager/Supervisor Safety Assessment Tool

A positive, engaging, and visible departmental safety program can significantly reduce risk of workplace harms.  This Manager/Supervisor Safety Assessment is a great tool to review the status of your department's safety program.  The Safety Office recommends that each department have a safety program that includes Safety Champions and Safety Committees.  These two elements can promote reporting of safety concerns, engage front-line staff in developing safety solutions, and have the ability to track action plans to determine the program's success in reducing harm.  Performing thorough workplace-harm injury investigations can help provide insignt into opportunities for the continued ddevelopment of safety programs.

Manager/Supervisor Hazard Assessment Tool

Hazard assessment is essential for creating and maintaining a safe environment within the department.  This Department Hazard Assessment Tool provides some key items that managers and supervisors can assess within their departments.  The information from this tool can help when formulating hazard mitigation strategies.

Investigation Process


Safety Resources for Managers

UCSF Required and Recommended Safety Training Matrix





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