IIP Program Policy & Procedures

UCSF Health's Injury and Illness Prevention Program ensures a safe working environment and helps reduce the number and severity of workplace injuries.

Employees are strongly encouraged to file an Incident Report (IR) for any occurrence that is not consistent with the routine operation of UCSF or any occurrence that may result or resulted in injury, harm, or loss to a patient, visitor, student, or volunteer.

The purpose of the Incident Report is to

  • provide detailed information regarding an adverse or unusual event or injury occurring to patients or visitors at the Medical Center
  • notify the immediate supervisor and the category manager of the occurrence
  • notify senior leaders of any incident ranked as "Serious" or "Patient Death"
  • notify the Department of Risk Management when appropriate, in an attempt to facilitate communication, resolve potential problems, and minimize liability for professional negligence or poperty loss or damage
  • assist in identification of system issues that have quality, safety, or risk implications

The Incident Report is a confidential and privileged communication and must be appropriately handled to protect that privilege.  This report should not be copied, shown, or forwarded to an unauthorized person.

In case of an occupational injuiry, immediately notify your supervisor and submit an online Incident Report.

To maintain a safe and healthy work environment, a thorough investigation must be conducted after an accident or incident to determine the casue and to ensure that appropriate corrective measures are taken.  At UCSF Health, all employees can file incident reports.  Managers and supervisors are responsible for reviewing reported workplace injuries or incidents with the affected employees, conducting root-cause analyses, and documenting preventive action plans.  

Monitoring and Addressing Hazards and Risks

UCSF Health routinely monitors the Environment of Care through regularly scheduled safety rounds, conducts risk assessments, and develops and executes corrective plans when hazards are identified.  Staff can file safety concerns or submit safety improvement ideas through Service Now (MCSS), the Incident Reporting system, Safety Feedback Form, or by email to [email protected].




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