Postings and Labels

This Notice to Employees is posted near radiation-use areas to help employees understand radiation protection standards and UCSF operating and emergency procedures that apply to their work.  Contact Radiation Safety regarding these standards, procedures, for a copy of the UCSF Radioactive Material License,  or with questions regarding the applicable regulations below:
17 CCR
10 CFR 35
10 CFR 20

The Radiation Safety and Emergency Procedures for Radioactive Materials summarizes the essential precautions when working with radioactive materials.

The Radiation Safety and Emergency Procedures for Radiation-Producing Machines summarizes the essential precautions when working with radiation-producing machines.

The Caution X-ray sign is posted on the door to a room where a radiation-producing machine is permanently located.  If you see this sign, do not enter the room without checking whether the radiation is on.

The Caution Radioactive Materials sign is posted on rooms where radioactive materials are used or stored.  Do not enter these rooms unless you are trained in the radiation hazard or are escorted.

Custodians Do Not Enter stickers are posted on doors where custodians are not allowed to enter.  These areas may have radioactive material inside that could be accidentally spread around and cause unintended radiation exposures.

Radioactive waste tags are attached radioactive waste containers.  Do not handle these containers unless you are trained to do so.




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