Radiation Safety Trainings


UCSF Health developed several training modules for staff who work with radioactive materials, radiation therapies, and radiation-producing equipment.

Radiation Safety for Radioactive Materials eCourse: For staff who work with radioactive material but not radiation-producing machines.  Examples are staff who work in clinical and research laboratories.

Radiation Safety for Radiation-producing Machines eCourse: For staff who work with radiation-producing machines. Examples are Radiology and the OR staff.

Radiation Safety for Rad Materials and Machines eCourse: For staff who work with both radioactive material and radiation-producing machines.  Examples are Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Oncology staff, and some interventionalists.

Radiation Safety  instructor-led training specific to job duties: Many groups within the medical center require job-specific radiation safety training.  Examples are nurses working with specific radiation therapies and staff with more limited radiation risks.

Laser Safety eCourse: For staff who use lasers on patients or in the laboratory.




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